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Cold At The Whisky

So last night was the Cold show..... it was realy good. There was only ONE band opening for them, which was pretty nice because I've never heard the two bands mentioned, so I didn't want to wait through both of them. Rumblefish was opening.... I thought they kinda sucked, but they had a good stage performance, if that makes sense. Then of course, Cold came out. They pretty much rocked! It's good to see good bands live. Anyway, when my friend saw Scooter, she's all like "Man, I knew he was kinda thin, but DAMN he's skinny!" Heh, yep. Anywho. They went off, but the encore was nice. Scooter came out alone to sing 3 acoustic songs.... including Bleed, which is a really beautiful song. He kept thanking the crowd. I was a little bothered that sometimes you can hear more talking in the crowd than him singing when he was playing the acoustic songs. Bleh...Anyway..... there were a lot of hotties, of course. Heh.... I didn't drink much, just a cranberry Vodka. :) So that was my night.... I enjoyed myself.
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